Can I wear a wig when I sleep?

  Hair wigs were often obscure before. In recent years, they have already become an integral part of people’s life. More and more people start to wear wigs. Some people even do not want to take it off, want to wear it all day. Then there is a problem here: can people wear a wig all day? Even to bed? If you are interested in this question, please kindly read on, you will find the answer below.

1. Why People Want To Sleep With A Wig?

A: Save Time

One of the reasons why some people like to sleep with a wig is because they want to save time. If you didn’t take your wig off at night before going to sleep, it means you also don’t need to install it the next morning. Installations of some hair wigs require a commitment of time. People in modern society, like office workers and students both have a morning in a hurry condition. Sleeping with a wig can help them save morning time and get some extra sleep.

B: Maintain Beauty

  If a woman gets the magic, the first thing is to make herself become beautiful forever in all circumstances, even if at night. So they just choose to sleepwear a wig directly.

2. Better Not Sleep With A Wig

A: Damage Your Hair Wig

  There is friction between pillows and wigs. If you sleep with a wig all night, it will cause your hair wig to frizzy and get tangled. Over a course of time, it can do harm to your wig.

B: Cause Poor Sleep

  The hair wig may attract your attention all night when you are sleeping with it. Then it will affect the quality of your sleep and make you feel exhausted the next day.

C: Need To Take More Time To Maintain

  Long-wear will shorten the service life of your wig. You also need to take more time to maintain it. 

D: Not Healthy for Scalp

  Sleeping with the hair wig can cause the scalp cant breathe or take a break at night, it is not healthy for the scalp.

  Because of health problems, we suggest not sleep with a wig. It can make your scalp can’t breathe or even take a break. Bedtime is one thing, quality of sleep is another thing. Everyone needs to get regular, solid sleep. One way is to make sure your sleep environment is quiet, dark, cool, and comfortable.

3. Pay Attention To Below Tips When You Are Sleeping With A Wig

A: Twist Or Braid The Wig

If the hair length of your hair wig is long, you can twist or braid the hair. It will give your wig a degree of protection.  

B: Use A Silk Bonnet Sleep NightCap Or A Silk Pillow

Another direct way is to wear a silk bonnet sleep nightcap. In this special circumstance, this silk hat plays an effective role in the protection. Changing to a silk or satin pillow also can work, it will reduce damage to the wig.

 Can I wear a wig when I sleep?

C: Buy A Hair Wig For Sleeping

What kinds of hair wigs are suitable for sleeping. I think it needs to be breathable, lighter, easy to maintain. Below three hair wigs in SuperNova Hair are good choices, please kindly check for references.

1) HD Lace Wigs

  The HD lace wig is an upgraded version of regular human hair lace wigs. The HD lace is the undetectable lace, it is ultra-thin, ultra-premium. So an HD lace wig is more comfortable, breathable than other hair wigs. When you are sleeping with an HD lace wig, it can help your scalp to breathe.

 Can I wear a wig when I sleep?

2) Bob Wigs

  Compared to long hair wigs, short bob wigs wear a silk bonnet sleep nightcap easily. You just need to wear it directly. And a short bob wig is also more convenient to maintain.

 Can I wear a wig when I sleep?

3) Straight Wigs

  Straight wigs are different from other wavy wigs. Straight wigs are easier to maintain and care for. They are not easy to get tangled like wavy wigs.

Can I wear a wig when I sleep?