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Reward Points


1. Q: What are reward points?

We love to say thank you to our loyal customers for shopping with us. Reward Points are an added bonus and just one of the ways we like to say thanks.

You can earn Points for every purchase you make online, as well as bonus Points for other actions such as referring a friend. Any Points you earn can be used towards your future purchases online.


2. Q: How do I get Bonus Point?

You can get bonus point from the following methods.

 a. Buy and Save

 You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar spent on your purchase.

 b. Registration

 You can get 200 bonus points for register to be SuperNova Hair New Member.

 c. Subscribe Us

 You can get 200 bonus points for subscribe us when you register.

 d. Sign In

You can get 10 bonus points when you sign in every time and the total amount you can get in one day is 10 bonus points only.

 e. Reviewing Our Products

 You can earn points from writing reviews on our products. Submitting your review earn 50 points.

 Under this circumstance, all you can get in one day is 50 bonus points only.


 3. Q: Do I have to be registered to earn Points?

Yes you need to be registered to earn and spend Reward Points. Registering an account is easy, and can be done prior to placing your first order, or as part of the checkout process. Once you're registered, simply sign in to your account before placing any orders. Each time you make a purchase you’ll then automatically earn Points, which will be available for you to use at checkout on future orders.


 4. Q: Do my Reward Points expire?

 Yes, any unused Reward Points expire after 1 Year (365 days).


 5. Q:  Is there a maximum amount of Reward Points I can redeem per order?

 Yes, the maximum reward points amount that you can redeem per order is 3000 points.


 6. Q: What are my Reward Points worth?

100 Rewards Points = $1 which can be used towards any future purchases.


Terms of Use

Your participation in the Rewards Points programme and the administration of your Rewards Points balance is entirely at our discretion. We reserve the right to cancel your account or adjust your Reward Points balance without notice or explanation.

If you earn or spend Points for an order which is subsequently cancelled or amended for any reason, we reserve the right to reverse some or all of the Points earned at our discretion.

If you earn Points for referring additional customers, we reserve the right to review these new customer accounts, and reverse some or all of the Points earned at our discretion.

Reward Points are not legal tender and are in no way redeemable for cash or any other benefit.

Reward Points balances are not transferable under any circumstances.

Your use of the Reward Points programme indicates your acceptance of these terms of us.


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