How To Care For Colored Wigs Human Hair And Wash Them?

As people are more and more involved in the beauty, color wigs have also become more and more popular. All women who pursue a unique personality and want to change their style will consider wearing colorful wigs to create a unique self.

To keep your wigs in good condition and have a longer service life, today we will provide you with some tips on how to care for and wash your colored hair.



How to care for color hair?

Color hair washing frequency:

How to wash color hair?

 How To Care For Colored Wigs Human Hair And Wash Them?

How to care for color hair?

1. When not wearing, you can apply some suitable human hair care essential oil on the colored hair, and then put it on the wig rack or the model head. This helps care for the shape of the wig and prevent tangles.

2. Since colored human hair is not as elastic as natural black human hair, please do not comb the colored hair when it is damp.

3. Remember to use a wide-toothed comb to comb the colored hair in daily life, which can reduce the knotting of colored hair and keep it smooth.

4. Wear a hair cap when bathing or sleeping. Wearing colored hair while bathing or sleeping will reduce the color durability of the colored hair. Wearing a hair cap can play a good role in protecting colored hair.

5. Regularly take care of color hair. Regular care can care for the color hair well, make the color hair look shinier, and also extend the service life. Note that each type of colored hair has its own suitable conditioner. Do not use the wrong product to protect your hair and cause permanent damage to the colored hair.

6. Avoid direct sunlight, avoid using hot water, salt water, and chlorine to prevent damage to the color hair, and affect the health of the color hair.

 How To Care For Colored Wigs Human Hair And Wash Them?  How To Care For Colored Wigs Human Hair And Wash Them?

Color hair washing frequency:

Whether to wash the color hair before wearing it depends on personal choice. The specific situation varies from person to person, and some women find it more comfortable to wear freshly washed hair. Or you can give a quick rinse to the color hair.

Since colored human hair wigs are easier to dry than natural black wigs, please wash them as little as possible.

Under normal circumstances, most women choose to wash their hair once a week or two. Also note that if the hair starts to become sticky or dry, or starts to lose its original shape, rinse the colored hair.

It should be noted that washing wigs will limit their service life, so do not over-wash your hair. You can wear a wig cap and take off the colored hair before going to bed, which can help reduce the frequency of shampooing and conditioning your hair.

How To Care For Colored Wigs Human Hair And Wash Them?  

How to wash color hair?

1. Gently comb the colored hair with a wide-toothed comb or fingers. It is recommended to start from the end of the human hair and work upwards gradually so that the combing will be smoother and reduce knotting and damage to the hair.

2. It is recommended to choose washer soft water for washing. Soak the wig in water for about 15 minutes. After the colored hair is completely soaked, use a mild shampoo or special shampoo to wash the colored hair slowly, and then rinse it off.

3. Use a towel to gently press the colored hair to drain some moisture, and apply a conditioner suitable for the colored hair. Gently comb the hair tress with your fingers, and do not let the conditioner touch the roots of the colored hair. After about one to five minutes, rinse off the conditioner with water.

4. After washing, wrap the colored hair with a wash towel to absorb some moisture and then place the colored hair on a shelf to air dry. If you wear it in a hurry, you can blow-dry the color at a temperature that is not too high.

 How To Care For Colored Wigs Human Hair And Wash Them?

 If you follow the above tips to care for and wash your colored hair carefully, your colored hair can always care for a good shape and last a long time.

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