How To Wear Brazilian Hair, Malaysia Hair And Peruvian Hair?

Having thick, high-quality human hair will give us a lot of impression points. When we get the hair for the first time, how can we wear the hair properly? If you want to learn more, just keep reading. Today we will explain to you how to wear Brazilian hair wigs, Malaysia hair wigs, and Peruvian hair wigs.


How To wear Brazilian Hair?

How To wear Malaysia hair?

How To wear Peruvian hair?

How To Wear Brazilian Hair?

How To Wear Brazilian Hair, Malaysia Hair And Peruvian Hair?

1. Clean the Brazilian virgin hair with a suitable shampoo to remove the residue. Let the Brazilian hair dry naturally and use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb the knotted part of the Brazilian virgin hair.

2. Start sewing with threads and needles that are not easily noticeable.

Sewing the closure and wefts on the cap, and tie it up to do the basic work.

3. Divide the Brazilian human hair into 4 equal parts and sew them layer by layer in a parallel pattern from bottom to top. Make sure to align the human hair at the proper sewing position.

4. Loosen the closure and wefts to scatter them. Groom it with a comb to make it look smoother.

5. Put the Brazilian virgin hair on your head, pay attention to your hair as tightly as possible on the scalp, this will make the wearing effect better.

6. You can use the splint to create the shape you want, and then use eyeliner or other dark pens to blacken the edge of the wig to hide the lace. This will look more natural and real.


How To Wear Malaysia hair?

 How To Wear Brazilian Hair, Malaysia Hair And Peruvian Hair?

1. First braid your Malaysian virgin hair into a small braid and stick it tightly on the scalp to ensure a better wearing effect.

2. Put the wig on your head, make sure it is placed in a suitable position, and fix it with several clips on each side to facilitate subsequent operations.

3. Prepare the braided hook and nylon thread. Compared with ordinary thread, nylon thread is not easy to break. Sew along the edge of the wig and stitch the braid and wig together.

4. After the stitching is completed, you can untie a part of the top hair and spread it on the Malaysian virgin hair to hide the edge of the human hair.

5. You can use some sprays or lotions for gentle maintenance of the hair.

How To Wear Peruvian hair?

 How To Wear Brazilian Hair, Malaysia Hair And Peruvian Hair?

1. Fix the headgear on the head of the model first, fix the hairpiece on the headgear with a needle, and then sew the lace hairpiece onto the headgear with knitting needles and thread.

 2. Attach the Peruvian human hair curtain layer by layer in an S-shape with glue and hair cover together.

3. Adjust the shape by combing the wig by hand. Remove the trimmed hair from the model's head.

4. Braid your human hair into braids in advance, cover the entire head with a hairnet, and put a hair on the head.

Then you can use a splint or curling iron to create your favorite hairstyle.

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