How to make a wig natural without glue

1. How to make a wig look natural without glue?

1) Clips or Combs

Most hair wigs have clips or combs in order to provide customers with a basic secure fit. Normally these clips and combs are positioned at both sides of your wig or at the back of your wig. You can easily attach them to get a perfect fit. Making the wig get a suitable position and perfectly attach to your scalp can make the whole wig style look more real and natural without glue.


2) Wig Tape

The wig tape is a great substitute for the glue. It is easy to wear and take, and is also breathable. The use method of wig tapes is also easier than using glue. You only need to pull the wig edge with your hands gently to cover the wig tape at the proper place and then press the tape area until it is sticky on the surface of the lace. Using a wig tape can get the same effect as using glue to have a natural look of your hair wig.

 wig tape

3) Use some mousse

  After securing the wig, you can use some mousse to style the hairline and the edge of your hair wig to make it look more natural and real. And mousse is also easier and more convenient to clean when you are taking off your wig.

 use some mousse

  In SuperNova Hair Store, we have many new types of hair wigs can look natural without glue, including U part wigs, headband wigs, etc. All the above hair wigs can put on without glue but also can get a natural hairline and natural look.

2. Which hair extensions look the most natural?

  Hair extensions are one of the most popular hair products in the hair products market, are also a great helper to push you to enhance your natural hair beauty. People who are using hair extensions also want the hair extensions to appear natural. On the one hand, you need hair extensions to complete your beauty look. On the other hand, you don’t want people to recognize that you are using hair extensions. So which hair extensions look the most natural? I always think that the most suitable hair extensions will be the most natural. So how to choose the most suitable hair extensions for yourself?

1) Choose the suitable type of hair extension for your hair

  Different people have different hair types, choosing a similar hair extension like your human hair is better to make yourself look natural.

2) Choose the matching colors for your hair

  The hair extensions no need to be the color like your own hair but need to be a matching color. It is ok if the hair extensions look a little lighter or darker than your natural hair color. These two colors also can blend your human hair perfectly and look natural. If you select hair extensions that have a large color difference with your hair, then will make the whole hair looking look strange.

3) Choose high-quality human hair extension

No matter what kind of hairstyle you want to get, having high-quality human hair extensions is definitely the base of all. All the hair products in SuperNova Hair Store are made of 100% virgin human hair, and no chemicals are added during the production to avoid shedding and tangling problems. Normally each hair extensions can last at least one year under proper care methods.

4) Find a professional hairstylist

  Finding the most suitable hair extensions is the basis for having natural hair looking. And finding a professional hairstylist is also very important for supporting you to finish the last step of your hairstyle. If you don’t have the experience to style your hair extensions before, we suggest you’d better find a hairstylist to help.