How to protect the hair curls from the dying and bleaching process

Natural black hair wigs are common hair wigs that have a natural, classic hair color. Natural black is a hair color that is similar to the human natural hair color. So many people would like to choose a natural hair wig for their first wig.

Over time, there are more and more types of hair wigs, people also have more and more choices. Especially young girls, they prefer to chase freedom and pursue individualism. It gets boring wearing the same colored hair wig over and over. It is time to try some new hair colors. People can choose to buy a finished colored hair wig directly, or dye and bleach a hair wig by themselves at home. And at the same time, they also need to learn how to protect the hair curls of a hair wig from the dying and bleaching process.

1. Does dying and bleaching damage your hair curls?

Dying or bleaching both involve putting chemicals all over the hair curls. Most hair dyes are made from chemical matter. Chemicals can damage the hair curls, affect the general health of hair curls. Some bad-quality hair dyes even contain coal tar, a carcinogenic chemical. The frequent dying or bleaching not only can damage the hair curls of your hair wigs but also can shorten their working life.

2. How to protect the hair curls from the dying and bleaching process?

2.1 Choice high-quality hair dyes

  No matter how good the quality or what type of hair dye is, including permanent color dye, temporary hair color dye, semi-permanent color dye, etc. A little dryness of hair curls is unavoidable. But bad-quality hair dye even can cause brittle hair, which is more prone to breakage.

2.2 Avoid doing other hairstyles in recent times

  If your hair wig has recently been permed or straightened, you won't be changed the color of it in the near future. Bleaching and dying can lead to excessive damage to the hair curls.  

2.3 Do some deep conditioning treatment before dyeing and bleaching

  Do some deep conditioning treatments before bleaching and dying are necessary. It can add moisture to your hair curls, and play a certain protective function.

2.4 Use of essential oils

The use of essential oils is also good for hair wigs. These essential oils all have a direct effect on your hair curls that can care, strengthen them.

2.5 Make sure you rinse all the hair dye out

  After dying or bleaching, you need to make sure to rinse all the hair dye out. Any remaining chemicals in the hair curls can cause secondary damage to the hair wig.

2.6 Find a professional hairstylist for help

  If you don’t know how to dye or bleach a wig. It is better to have a professional hairstylist to help color your hair wig to avoid any bad mistakes.

2.7 Buy a new colored wig directly

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How to protect the hair curls from the dying and bleaching process