The Affordable U Part Wig Human Hair For Women in SuperNova Hair

2020 is coming to an end, should you consider changing to a new wig before the end of the year party? All the beauties who like wigs come to see here, today I will introduce you to an absolutely satisfactory wig---U Part Wig.


The Advantages of U Part Wig Human Hair

Various Textures of U Part Wigs

How to Install U Part Wig?

The Advantages of U Part Wig Human Hair

U Part Wig is a wig with an opening on the top or side of the wig, and the opening part is shaped like a U. U Part Wig can spread human hair in the opening to cover the edge of the wig, creating a natural look.

The Affordable U Part Wig Human Hair For Women in SuperNova Hair

Now we will introduce to you what are the advantages of U Part Wig:

1. Save time and money

The U Part Wig is easy to wear and remove. You can have a beautiful hairstyle in just 5 minutes of installation. It is easy to remove the wig, and daily care is relatively simple. Also, U Part Wig is cheaper than a lace wig, which is a very affordable choice for you.

2. The wearing effect is natural and true

U Part Wig can cover the edges of the wig with the top human hair, which looks like hair growing from the scalp.

3. Longer use time

Compared with lace wigs human hair and hd lace wigs, U Part Wig can last longer. Because the lace is relatively thin, if it is not carefully kept, the lace may break.

4.U Part Wig does not hurt the scalp

U Part Wig does not need to stick to the lace on the front, which avoids the problem of permanent hair loss due to long-term use of glue and damage to the hair follicles on the scalp.

Various Textures of U Part Wigs

At present, there are many types of U-shaped hair in Supernova Hair mall, including Straight Hair U Part Wig, Body Wave U Part Wig in ombre colore like #1B/613 hair and 1B/99J Burgundy hair.

 The Affordable U Part Wig Human Hair For Women in SuperNova Hair

How to Install U Part Wig?

1. Wet your hair for combing, estimate and determine the position and size of the U Part Wig, braid the exposed hair into braids and fix it with clips.

2. Wear the wig, adjust it to the proper position of the head, and then use a clip to fix it to the corresponding part of the wig from the top of the head along the angle of the scalp, and hang it naturally after loosening.

3. Untie the previously braided hair, divide the hair into the left and right sides and the back to put it on the reserved u part area, so that the hairline of the wig is covered and looks more natural.

4. Finally, comb with a comb and make some fine adjustments to make the hair and wig blend together naturally.


1. Be sure to tie your hair about 1 cm above the edge of the U-shaped area. In this way, the U Part Wig can be naturally installed in the correct position on the scalp.

2. You must make your hair as close to the scalp as possible, otherwise, the fluffy hair may affect the wearing effect of the wig.

3. If your top hair is sparse, some wigs may not be suitable for you, because it is difficult to cover the edges of the wig naturally.

4. It is recommended to remove the wig before bathing or sleeping to avoid damage to the wig.

5. Your hair should be more than 11 inches to cover the edge of the wig.

6. To make the wig look more natural, the color of the wig you choose should match the color of your hair.

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