What Is The Difference Between A U Part Wig And Headband Wig?

Wigs are being liked by more and more people and have even become a daily necessity for many women. To meet the needs of more people, wigs have also begun to innovate in many categories, such as the U part wigs and headband wigs that have been popular recently. Both wigs have their own charming features. 

Today's content is to analyze the difference between U part wigs and headband wigs for you.


What is a U part wig?

The U part wig is a U-shaped wig that opens on the top or side of the wig. Currently, the opening size of Supernova Hair's U part wig is 2x 4 inches. It can be the middle part, the left part, or the right part. You can scatter part of your own hair over the opening of the U part wig to naturally cover the edge of the wig to create a real and natural effect.

What Is The Difference Between A U Part Wig And Headband Wig?

U part wigs are more time-saving than lace wigs. Because there are no troublesome bleaching and sewing steps, it is easier to install and remove the wigs in daily life, and the follow-up maintenance is relatively simple. This is a very good option for beginners. 

Compared with lace wigs, U part wigs have a longer service life. Since lace is relatively thin, the lace may break if it is not carefully stored.

The U part wig does not need to be glued to the scalp, which avoids permanent hair loss and damage to the scalp hair follicles due to long-term use of glue.

What is a Headband wig?

A headband wig is a combination of a hairband and a hair bundle, and is also called a "Lace-less wig". The headband wig can slide around the head, and the headband is used instead of clips or other fixed objects to fix the wig in place.

What Is The Difference Between A U Part Wig And Headband Wig?

The headband wig only needs to be worn like a hat, which saves a lot of tedious steps, such as removal, bleaching, and installation. It is very convenient and fast for novices or office workers.

The headband wig does not need to be installed with glue, which can also prevent poor quality glue from harming your health and protect your skin.


Headband wigs can make you look more fashionable. You can change different styles of the headband to keep the novelty and uniqueness every day. Moreover, a wide hairband can naturally cover the hairline, which makes people mistakenly think that they are just wearing a decorative headband and completely ignore the problem of wearing a wig. It also protects the scalp and human hair from ultraviolet rays and cold air.


What Is the difference between a U part wig and Headband wig?

What Is The Difference Between A U Part Wig And Headband Wig? 

Each has different characteristics:

A U part wig is a wig with a letter "U" shaped opening on the top or side of the wig. The hair on the top of the head is scattered on the top of the "U" shaped opening to cover up the boundary between the wig and human hair, making it difficult for others to distinguish Do you wear a wig  to create a real and natural effect. Also, it should be noted that U part wigs are not suitable for people with thinning or bald hair, because the human hair on the top of the head cannot completely cover the "U"-shaped opening, making it easy to see that the wig is worn.

The headband wig is a combination of a hairband and a hair bundle. You can wear the headband wig on your head like a hat. If your hair volume is relatively small, you can wear the hairband forward, if the hair volume is good, you can move the hairband back a bit to expose some baby hair. In any case, a wide headband can make your wig look natural enough to make people mistakenly think that it is just like the hair growing on your own scalp.

Different materials:

The U part wig consists of a hair cap with a letter "U" shaped opening and a hair bundle connected; a headband wig is composed of a complete hair cap, a hair bundle connected with the hair cap, and a hairband.

Different prices:

In SuperNova Hair Mall, generally speaking, for the same wig length, the U part wig chooses the lowest density and normal curvature, and the headband wig chooses the least number of headbands, U part wig’s price will be slightly more expensive.

Both save time, but the wearing method is different:

Before wearing a U part wig, you need to braid all your own hair. Remember to reserve some hair needed for the "U"-shaped opening on the top. Then press it on top of your head as tightly as possible. Insert the clip on the wig into the gap of the braided hair, and then untie the reserved hair at the top, scattered on the "U"-shaped opening.

Before putting on the headband wig, weave all your hair first, then put the hair cap connected with the hair tress on your head, and finally cover the front end of the hair cap with the headband.