1. What is the Bonus Buy?

  The bonus buy is selling some hair accessories and all the things in it can't be sold alone, you only can buy it with other hair products on our website. We especially launched this special promotion to thank our loyal customers’ support these years, also want to convey to the customers the store's business philosophy: best price, best quality, best service.

Bonus Buy in SuperNova Hair

2. What kinds of products are there in the Bonus Buy?

There are four types in the bonus buy, including Diamond Headbands, 3D Super Long Mink Eye-Lashes, Silk Elastic Sleep Caps, Flexible Velvet Wig Grip. Next, I will introduce them one by one.

 supernova hair products in the Bonus Buy

1) Diamond Headbands

  A headband wig is better to decorate with a diamond headband. Wearing a bling-bling headband can make your shining and eye-catching, look like a real princess. It is the icing on the cake of your whole wig’s style. And I think the price of these headbands in the bonus buy is very favorable. You can hardly get such an attractive price from other suppliers. Don’t miss this time, come to get it!

 Diamond Headbands

2) 3D Super Long Mink Eye-Lashes

  Wearing eye-lashes is the fashion nowadays, the special 3D super long mink eye-lashes in SuperNova Hair can make you eyes bigger and brighter. We have three options of quantity to let you choose ($2.88 for one pair, $5.66 for five pairs, $6.88 for six pairs), the more you order the cheaper.

 3D Super Long Mink Eye-Lashes

3) Silk Elastic Sleep Caps

  Actually, it is better to take off your wig when you go to sleep to avoid crushing, but it is too inconvenient. We suggest you can try this silk elastic sleep, wear it before going to the bed, it can effectively help you reduce friction between the hair wig and bed to protect the hair. Such a useful beautiful accessory only takes $2.88 in bonus buy in SuperNova Hair.

 Silk Elastic Sleep Caps

4) Flexible Velvet Wig Grip

  The wig grip is made by velvet which can increase the friction, you can wear it before installing a wig to prevent the wig from falling off. Sometimes a velvet wig grip even can secure the lace wigs without glue. Just buy it at the best price here.

 Flexible Velvet Wig Grip

 4. Where can buy it?

  Firstly, you can select some hair products as your preference in SuperNova Hair and then click the “BUY NOW” to enter the checkout page. Slide down the page you can see a box named “Bonus Buy” under the “CHECKOUT REVIEW” as the below picture shows. You can get the hair accessories here at an exclusive low price. If this bonus buy has nothing you want, you can please contact us to advise what kind of accessories you prefer at any time. We will put forward an application to our manager to put it on sale.