Different Types Of Lace Closure Wigs

Do you know what kind of wigs are selling like hot cakes? I'm sure a lot of people would say lace wigs. Yes, you are right. Lace wigs are very thin, easy to wear and very natural when you wear, so by many beauty lovers like.

Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of lace wigs on the market, such as full lace wigs, lace front wigs, lace closure wigs and so on.

If you want to buy a lace closure wig, you need to know about it first. If you don't know about the lace closure wig, it would be wrong to blindly choose one.

Different Types Of Lace Closure Wigs

Lace closure wigs Introduction

Generally speaking, we call lace closures as closure pieces, those pieces can be sewed on top of your head to corporate with hair bundles or caps, and it can give the appearance of a natural scalp area.

There are many kinds of closures are sought after by beauty lovers because those bring a more natural look. The lace closure wigs can be subdivided into 4*4 lace closure wigs, 5*5 lace closure wigs, 6*6 lace closure wigs and 2*6 lace closure wigs by size, and for type, they share Brazilian lace closure, Peruvian lace closure, Malaysian lace closure and so on.

You can choose curly lace closure, straight lace closure, body wave lace closure, deep wave lace closure or other textures lace closure according to your style.

Types of lace closure wigs

4x4 lace closure wigs, 5x5 lace closure wigs, 6x6 lace closure wigs and 2x6 lace closure wigs both belong to the 100% human hair closure wig, they are both the essential parts of natural human hair wigs. If you are a wig lover, then you must be familiar with these three sizes.

Different Types Of Lace Closure Wigs

4x4 lace closure wig are made by 100% human hair bundles with lace closure that can cover the head at the size of 4 inches length and 4 inches width. You can divide your wig on the left side, the right side and the center side, depending on your preference

The 5x5 lace closure wig is similar to the 4x4 lace closure wig. The 5x5 human hair closure sews with the human hair bundles can also bring a natural and beautiful hairline to people. But different from the 4x4 lace closure, the size of the 5x5 Brazilian closure is 5 inches length and 5 inches width.

6x6 lace closure wig is also similar to the 4x4 lace closure wig and 5x5 lace closure wig, the coverage size of the closure 6x6 is 6 inches front across 6 inches back, it can well cover the square shape of the head, and create a new hairline. 

Different Types Of Lace Closure Wigs

A 2x6 lace closure wig is different from 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 lace closure wig, the lace on those heads is a square shape, the difference between that is the size of the square, but 2x6 lace closure wig is different from them. The size of the 2x6 closure is 6 inches length and 2 inches widthIt has a rectangular shape on top of its head.

To sum up, this article mainly introduces the differences of lace closure wigs, mainly 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 2x6 lace closure wig. Lace closure wig look the same as lace front wig, but they are cheaper and easier to wear! I'm sure you will have a deeper understanding after reading this article. Supernova hair have some of the lace closure wigs, there is also a super discount for orders today!