To make lace closure or frontal look more natural, you may have to spend much time bleaching the visible knots.However, it’s not easy and some problems may arise during bleaching, which leads to an unsatisfactory result. Here let supernova hair help you.

Lace closure and lace frontal are broadly used to make wigs, as lace material is thin, light, soft and breathable enough and could melt to skin well. And hair strands are crocheted to the lace by hand to mimic the natural growth of our own hair, but during which process, there will be visible dark knots left on lace. To make the lace front wigs look more natural,most of people will bleach the knots. It means to lighten the original black color of knots by chemical lightener to make them less visible.

What's common bleaching issues?

While the bleaching process is a little complex and time-consuming, as you have to mix the lightener and dab it to the lace evenly, watch the color of knots fade and resin the lightener off and then let lace dry. Moreover, it’s not always successful to see the effect you want because of various reasons. Sometimes you may see the knots still there and as obvious as before after a long-time struggle of bleaching, while other times you may over-bleach them leaving a large section of hair from root brassy or yellow.

Is there a good solution?

If there is a risk to use a chemical way to make the knots invisible, how about using the physical method to hide them? So we introduce a new kind of beginner-friendly silk base wig. Different from regular lace front wig of which the frontal is made of one layer of lace, that of silk base wig consists of three layers of lace that’s designed to skillfully hide the knots. Without the knots, the wig looks more realistic and hair appears just as if it’s growing from the scalp. This wig helps you out of being bothered by any bleaching problems any more, as you do not have to bleach at all. And for frontal space it is available in 13*4 as well as 13*6, so it’s as deep and wide as enough for you to do any parting you like.

Why not trying silk base wig

So why not having this new human-like scalp silk base wig? You will save your time for bleaching, and escape from facing any trouble caused by it. We have also already cut baby hair and pre-plucked hairline for the wig. It’s so convenient and beginner-friendly. Welcome to supernova hair and try it.