One of the things I was worried about starting to wear wigs which you know little about wigs care and maintain. Human Hair Weave can last a lot longer than synthetics, but that’s only If you take proper care of them. View them as a long term investment and caring for them will become part of your routine. Here are some professional hair knowledge on how to care for your Brazilian Hair?

Very gently, use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles. With longer wigs, begin by gently separating the strands with your fingers, starting at the tips of the strands and working your way to the base. This will prevent from further knotting and tension during the wash process which could damage your wig.

Your wash routine is one of the most important steps in taking care of your Body Wave Hair. Washing your wig demands a little more care and attention than washing your scalp so follow these easy steps and your wig will continue to look revitalized wash after wash. The frequency of how much you need to wash your wig depends on its lifestyle and factors such as humidity, air quality and the number of times you wear it. A general guideline is that a wig should be washed after around ten times of use although this can vary and requires a sensible judgment of when it needs a refresh.

After shampooing, it’s time to condition your wig. The wig should still be damp from shampooing. Apply a small amount of conditioner onto your finger tips and work it through your wig gently, taking special care to avoid the wig cap. Avoiding the wig cap is important, especially with hand tied wigs as it can loosen the knotted design and cause hair loss. Rinse thoroughly with cold running water. Alternatively, you can purchase a wig conditioning spray and spray 10-12 inches away from the wig.

Refill the sink with clean completely, cool water, immerse the wig, and gently agitate until all the suds are gone. You may also run cool water from the tap over the wig, making sure the water flows from the base of the strands to the tips. If necessary, repeat the rinse cycle or the complete wash and rinse process.

Once the wig is clean and conditioned, place it on a soft towel, gently blotting it to remove the excess water. DO NOT rub, wring, or twist the wig. Place the wig on a mannequin head or wig stand and allow the wig to dry completely overnight. For best results with flip styles or when wanting the additional volume to hang your wig upside down from the nape and allow the fibers to dry in an upwards direction.