The closure wig is one type of the lace wig. Both of them are made of the same material - human hair and lace. As we all know, the service life of a good quality wig is about 1-2 years. However, the human hair and the lace are relatively fragile materials, so careful and regular maintenance is required. Otherwise, the service life will be greatly reduced. Next SuperNova Hair will introduce how to care a wig properly including washing hair and avoiding exposure to factors which would cause damage to the hair.

How long does a closure wig last?

How to wash a human hair wig

Although many people wear wigs now, few people know how to wash wigs properly.

l Before washing: use wide-toothed comb to brush your hair from the ends gently to avoid knots and reduce shedding. When there is no more knots, you can work the way from the ends to the roots.

l During washing:

1. After wet the hair, give the virgin hair weave diluted conditioner covering the entire length. Alternatively, you can achieve the same goal by apply the moisturizing and secure oil. If your hair was dyed, you should choose the shampoo which can keep color stay.

2. Just like what we do to our own hair, we leave hair being nourished for 15-20 minutes.

3. When time’s up, we slowly rinse the foam from the hair.

 4. Using a towel to squeeze water out. Do not rub it! Otherwise, it causes the hair tangle or delicate to shed.

l After washing: find a cool and ventilated place to dry the hair. Never expose to the sun. Or it is in vain what you did in last step. You hair will turn brittle and dry. If you are in a hurry to wear your wig, you can use the blow dry. Make sure to set the drier at the low temperature.

Tip: 1. If you wear a wig frequently, it is advisable to wash once every two to three months. 2. It is better to use the warm water.

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What factors could cause damage to the hair

l Poor Quality Of Wig

There is a big difference between wigs of good quality and poor quality. If you buy a wig of poor quality, no matter how carefully you maintain it, the wig is still prone to shed and lack of luster. So the maintenance we mentioned above are all carried out on the base that the wig you have chosen has good quality.

l Amateur Bleaching And Hair Dyeing

Over harmful chemical will damage your remy human hair and lace. For example, your hair is easier to shed from the lace cap. The most important is this damage is almost irreversible. If our own hair is damaged, we can nourish them through time until they are shiny again because the hair are able to absorb nutrition from our body. But the wig can’t! Therefore, we need to take care of our wigs at the beginning. If you really want to bleach or dye it, you should do it with professional help.

l Prolonged Exposure The Hair to The Sun

As we mentioned before, it’s a wrong choice to dry the hair under the sun after you washed it. For the same reason, while wearing the wig, we shouldn’t let the hair exposure to the sun for too long, neither. Like our skin, ultraviolet in the sun are responsible for both tanning and burning, even the skin disease. Similarly, the hair will be damaged a lot without protection. If you can’t prevent it from happening, you could wear a hat or use an umbrella.

l Unhealthy hair

Exposure to the unhealthy water such as seawater and rain, will cause the damage to the hair for the unidentified substances can make hair dry and stiff.

All these factors could cause damages to the hair. After we are ware of knowledge about causing damages, we could avoid situations consciously.

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Questions & Answers

Supernova Hair collect some typical questions from our customers to make you easily know the solution of your problem. (Rule out the factor of poor quality)

1. Why my wig shed a lot after I washed it?

A: The most important thing about washing a wig is you need be careful and gentle through every step. When you comb the hair, rinse the foam and squeeze the water out, you should treat the wig like it’s a baby. Strictly follow every detail I mentioned above.

2. Why my wig turn dry and stiff after dyeing?

A: Take our own hair for an example. If we dye our hair into a lighter color, we could feel our hair dry and dammed. It is the same for the wig. And that’s why we suggest you should do it with professional help. After dyeing, you should care your wig more than before.

3. Why curls are getting loose?

  A: It’s a very natural process. Human hair will turn flat as time went by. In order to slow down its flattening speed, we can spray a bit of gel and moose after washing the wig to shape it. Also, don't comb your hair too frequently.

4. Why every time I wanna wear my wig which is a mess?

  A: Every time you take off your wig, you just put it away without putting it on the wig stand to keep its shape. So next time you want to wear it and find it totally messy.

5. Why me lace cap is easily getting dirty?

  A: Your lace wig is touching your own hair directly. Your scalp can secrete oil and dirt like the skin. So keeping your own hair clean is very important.

  Trough this article, I believe you must have a certain understanding of hair care and some details that is easy to miss. We very much hope that our sharing will be of great help to you.