Sometimes it is hard to make a decision on which length of hair extensions to choose. Today at New Star, we will bring you an easy guide on selecting the right hair length.

It is important to get the right length but at the same time you want hair extensions to blend well with your own natural hair. Here are New Star, we offer hair bundles from 10 to 34 inch, the most popular length is 20-22 inches.

The best way to check which length of hair extensions will perfectly match you is to measure from the middle of your ear downwards. This will let you know how much longer of hair extensions you need when being compared to your own hair.

Do not choose extensions that are too much longer than your own hair, although it is ok to wear long extensions in short hair, hair will look more natural if it is subtly blended with hair extensions.

Rules are, hair that is already longer than shoulder length can be blended with longer extensions, hair that is shoulder length and above will work best with extensions that are no longer than 20-22 inches. It is best to know your hair extensions length choice, follow the guidelines above, you will have dream hair length and volume.